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“Net neutrality is a prime example of the government overreaching its authority and creating a bureaucratic solution for a non-existent problem. … It was the competitive free market that gave us the Internet, one of the greatest innovations in history, and keeping the Internet free of government meddling will allow continued advancements.”           Brent Gardner – Americans for Prosperity

The Telecommunications industry is now 16% of our economy – roughly the same amount as healthcare. The Obama Administration wanted government control of communications just as it wanted to control our healthcare choices through Obamacare and capital flows through Dodd-Frank.       Grover Norquist – Americans for Tax Reform

“[T]wo years ago the Obama Administration’s FCC radically reversed two decades of bipartisan consensus by needlessly reclassifying internet service as a ‘public utility’ under 1930s laws enacted for copper-wire telephone service.  …,[I]t was a scheme to extend government control over yet another sector of our economy.”  Tim Lee – Center for Individual Freedom

“Chairman Pai is taking an important step to free the internet from government control…. It will also restore the authority of the Federal Trade Commission to protect online privacy for the entire internet ecosystem.”             Tom Schatz – Citizens Against Government Waste

The FCC’s 2015 Internet regulations must be eliminated in order to promote competition and innovation in the broadband market, which will ultimately serve American consumers with more choices and better products at lower prices.    Ryan Radia – Competitive Enterprise Institute

“President Obama’s Open Internet Order is a direct threat to future the future of the internet, transforming the internet from a world of permissionless innovation to a world of mother-may-I regulation, with the FCC as the new power broker.”   Adam Brandon – FreedomWorks

“Public utility regulation is inappropriate for a digital broadband marketplace that is competitive and dynamic.”        Randolph May, Free State Foundation

Pai’s new rule will reverse the Obama administration’s ill-advised 2015 net neutrality policy, which effectively treats internet service providers like utility companies. This is a significant change because Obama’s rule has stymied innovation and reduced the deployment of new broadband services.          Brandan Arnold – National Taxpayers Union

Government control and interference has slowed down broadband infrastructure investment and hindered competition and choice. The time to remove the regulatory stranglehold on the internet is here. Chairman Pai understands that a slow-moving government bureaucracy is no match for the dynamic private sector.             David Williams – Taxpayers Protection Alliance

“The debate of the last decade has never really been about ‘net neutrality,’ but the FCC’s sweeping claims of power over the Internet.”        Berin Szóka – TechFreedom.

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